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The science and art of strength training for athletes of all ages and sports

ECFIT programs adhere to a well-designed strategy to help you ensure tissue health, maintain healthy bodyweight, optimize hormone health, decrease your chance for injury, and improve athletic performance.

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Why you should strength train for Triathlon

Why you should strength train for Triathlon

Training for triathlon is a practice in time management.  Finding the time to swim, bike and run as well as lift weights is an ongoing dilemma.  Adhering to a well-designed strength program to ensure tissue health, maintain healthy bodyweight, optimize hormone health,...

Athlete Testimonials

Erin Carson’s strength training system is unlike anything I have ever done before. Doing these exercises twice a week allows my coach to push me even harder in swim, bike, and run disciplines. It is great for injury prevention and gives my body the balance that training for triathlons takes away from it.

Mirinda Carfrae
World Champion Triathlete

Since I started working with Erin in 2014, I feel like a completely different athlete. I’m more stable and powerful, and can back up multiple hard training sessions without breaking down. Erin’s program is specific for endurance training, and her periodization into different phases of the year allows me to improve throughout each season.

Paula Findlay
Olympian and World Champion

My work with ECFIT strength and conditioning over a period of two years helped my performance more than I could have expected! The gym work was one of the most valuable sessions of my week. Keeping on top of things in the gym helped me stay injury-free and race consistently at a high level.

Flora Duffy
4x XTerra World Champion

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