Strength Training Workouts for Endurance Athletes

Our sport specific functional training workouts for endurance athletes are designed to support & complement high-volume endurance sessions. With a focus on core elements of functional movement and mobility, you will do the kind of work in the gym that allows you to train harder, longer, and without injury, then show up at the starting line ready to be competitive at the highest level.


This program is designed to complement In or Off Season programming.  For healthy, injury-free athletes, this program contains 4 workouts meant to add agility, power and speed.  As endurance athletes, risk and reward must be managed well, and for that reason we recommend this program only to non-injured or rehabbing athletes. Best added in after 4-8 weeks of a foundational strength program.

Duration: 8-12 weeks  
Cost: $99

Pre-Natal Strength

Featuring Mirinda Carfrae

This program is focused on refining strength and mobility as the body changes. The exercises can be adapted based on stage of pregnancy and personal limitations. Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae is one of triathlon’s most successful athletes with a professional career that spans over 10 years. She has claimed a spot on the Kona podium 7 times, including 3 wins. Rinny is known for her incredible strength on the run and is the current run course record holder (2:50:38) at the Ironman World Championships.

Cost: $99

Boulder Fit

For the people in your life who want to be fit and strong. These workouts will enhance performance but provide a more general movement, balance, strength and some cardio intervals. This is a program I use with most of my clients/athletes when they are in a less competitive phase of training.

Cost: $49

Everyday Mobility

5 different movement sessions that you can do everyday to ensure optimal mobility. These sessions require no equipment

Cost: $39

Everyday Core

5 different core training sessions that can be done everyday to maintain and build a strong foundation of core strength and core control. These sessions use light loads (like a filled water bottle) and a stability ball.

Cost: $39

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