Triathlon Strength Training Plans

Take your performance to the next level with these triathlon specific strength training workouts. Designed to support & complement high-volume endurance sessions, these programs have a focus on core elements of functional movement. Do the kind of work in the gym that allows you to train harder, longer, and without injury, then show up at the starting line ready to be competitive at the highest level.

IM Strength Volumes 1-3

Featuring Mirinda Carfrae

The full season ironman package built for Mirinda Carfrae that contains three complete programs. The first program is focused on learning great movement through mobility and stability. The second program introduces strength as a compliment to a heavier training load. The third program is structured to prepare an athlete to be race ready and prioritizes efficiency in the gym during high volume training.

Duration: 8-12 weeks each
Cost: $299

Off Season Tri Strength Volume 1

This program is designed to enhance a base building period. It is imperative to build strength in the off-season to ensure your speed and stamina continue to grow.

Duration: 4-8 weeks
Cost: $99

Off Season Tri Strength Volume 2

This program continues the work started in Off Season Volume 1.  It contains many new movements to increase strength, keep the body in balance & ready to handle a heavier load.

Duration: 4-8 weeks
Cost: $99

In Season Tri Strength Volume 1

This program is designed to establish a foundation of mobility, stability and strength at the beginning of the season.  It focuses on undoing the muscle imbalances created by repetitive movement and preparing the body for an agility and power training plan.

Duration: 8-12 weeks  
Cost: $139

In Season Tri Strength Volume 2

This program continues the work started in In Season Volume 1. It presents new mobility and stability challenges as you gain mastery of movements, as well as introducing new movements to ensure that your body continues to be able to adapt to new stimuli. When you move better, speed becomes easier & the specific strength gains will allow you to take on greater training loads.

Duration: 8-12 weeks  
Cost: $139

Olympic Distance Strength

Featuring Flora Duffy

– 2 Everyday Tissue Release Workouts
– 2 Everyday Mobility Workouts
– 5 Workouts that include Strength, Mobility, Agility, Stability and Flexibility

Designed for shorter course races. Athletes will progresses from the fundamentals of movement and strength with a strong focus on foot function and stability.  Optimizing lower leg function and resiliency is key component in the quest to reduce injury and ensure progression in sport specific training. If you have struggled with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon tightness (or injury) or any other foot, ankle or calf issue this program will provide a really good foundation to build off of.

Cost: $139

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