Running Strength Training Plans

Improve your performance with these running specific strength training workouts. Our sport-specific approach to strength training is designed to support & complement high-volume endurance sessions. With a focus on core elements of functional movement and mobility, you will do the kind of work in the gym that allows you to train harder, longer, and without injury, then show up at the starting line ready to be competitive at the highest level.

Run Strength Volume 1

Featuring Kara Goucher

This is a repeatable strength program designed to complement run training up to the marathon distance, featuring Kara Goucher.  Kara is a 3-time NCAA champion, 2-time Olympian, and silver medalist in the 10,000 meters at the 2007 World Championships.  She is a podium finisher of many races world-wide, including the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon.

Duration: 12 weeks  
Cost: $139

Run Strength Volume 2

Featuring Kara Goucher

2 Everyday Tissue Release Workouts

2 Everyday Mobility / Agility Workouts

6 Workouts that include Strength, Mobility, Agility, Stability, Plyomtrics, and Flexibility

Cost: $139

Run Strength Volume 3

Featuring Parker Stinson

Parker is a professional athlete, 9X All American  at The University of Oregon, and 3X National Junior 10K Champion.  Originally from Austin,, Parker now trains in Boulder to prepare for a spot on Team USA – Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 in the Marathon. This program is based on the work being done in the gym as Parker prepares to run the best marathon of his life.

– 2 Everyday Tissue Release Workouts
– 2 Everyday Mobility and Pre Run Warm Up Workouts
– 4 LIFT Workouts that include Strength, Mobility, Agility, Stability and Flexibility designed to add light to moderate loading strategies to ensure open hips and appropriate muscle activation to enhance the running motion.
– 2 STRENGTH Workouts that are focused on pure strength to enhance overall athletic ability and hormonal balance.

Cost: $139

Run Mini Camp 1

Featuring Allie Kieffer

Allie Kieffer finished the 2017 New York Marathon in 5th position. This program depicts Allie’s strength program leading into the 2018 race. The program includes 4 different sessions as well as a detailed explanation of sets reps and training loads. Also included are tissue release strategies, optimal mobility exercises, stability (balance) challenges and just the right amount of the strength work to optimize running performance.

Cost: $119

Ultra Running Mini Camp

Featuring Joshua Stevens

2 Everyday Tissue Release Workouts
2 Everyday Mobility Workouts
4 Strength and Mobility Workouts

Joshua is a seasoned ultra runner.  This year we are preparing for The Badwater Ultra Series as well as Leadville Trail 100. It’s a delicate balance to bring a gym routine into a run program with so much volume but this program is designed to bring balance and strength in the areas that will make you feel better in your training.

Spending time in the gym won’t make you faster but it can contribute to a level of comfort in your training and racing that will reduce the chance for injury and help you maintain a better body position and strength throughout the event.

Cost: $119

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