The ECFIT Strength Premium Membership

Gain exclusive access to the most proven methodology of strength building strategies that have been used by Olympians, World Champions, and World Tour Champions in running, cycling, and triathlon!

Premium Membership

  • 3 Strength Sessions via On Demand and ECFIT Boulder App
  • Weekly Zoom live Strength or Foundation Training Session
  • 2-3 Foundation Training Sessions
  • 2-3 Tissue Care and Recovery Sessions
  • Many more benefits, workouts, discounts and opportunities! See below.
  • Premium: 6 days of basic cardiovascular programming included!

Basic $19 / month
Premium $69 / month
(includes basic run / bike sessions)
*Basic Membership includes full access to the entire library of strength sessions in On Demand as well as the top 10 ECFIT Custom Strength Programs

Spaces are limited to ensure a highly personalized experience.


More about this program

When you become a member of ECFIT Performance Strength Premium Membership you get:

Weekly Schedule including:
3 Strength Sessions
2-3 Foundation Training Sessions
2-3 Tissue Care and Recovery Sessions

Premium + Memberships Include:
An additional 6 days of basic cardiovascular programming!

As well as:

1.  Month by Month Strength Plan outlined using your Basic or Premium Training Peaks Account. Each month’s strength sessions are progressive and designed to work with your well-designed sport specific endurance training plan. If you (or your Coach) want to change the days of each session that is easy to do using a Premium or Coach Edition Training Peaks.

2.  Full Access to ECFIT On Demand: Long Form Video Mobility / Strength / Foundation Training and Recovery Sessions.

3.  Access to the top ECFIT Boulder Strength Programs: Short Video Mobility / Strength

4. Weekly Zoom LIVE Strength or Foundation Training Sessions that will be available Zoom On Demand so you can complete the session at your convenience.

5. FREE quarterly 15 minute consultations for ongoing strength and mobility support.

6. Member pricing for private mobility / strength training sessions – available via Zoom or in person (if possible)

7. Member pricing for Custom Performance Consultations:

  • Non-Member Price $79.00 for 30 minutes.
  • Member Price $69.00 for 30 minutes

8. Member pricing for Private Zoom or In Person Training Session

  • Non-Member Price $125 per 45 minute session
  • Member Price $110 per 45 minute session

9. Private Facebook Group Membership that has already proven to be one of the most knowledgeable, interactive, uplifting and supportive communities we have ever seen!

10. Early access and Question and Answer opportunity for Monthly ECFIT EXPERT Series – Guest Speakers

11. Access to discounts for an ever-growing list of strength equipment opportunities

12. Discounted Coaching using our trusted and ever growing Coaching affiliations around the World.

13. ECFIT Premium+: Add BASIC cardiovascular training programs to your ECFIT Premium Membership