Workout Equipment List

MOBO Board

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Optional but a cool tool to have!


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This is one of my favorite tools to use for endurance athletes.  Optional but if you choose to purchase one get a 4kg first.  Then a 10kg or 12kg as the “heavy” one.

Foam Roller

Foam Rollers come in many shapes and sizes.  You should have a short and long foam roller as we sometime use the 3′ version for some specific movements.

Yoga Mat

Any brand.

Stability Ball (aka Swiss Ball)

6 feet and taller: 75cm
Under 6 feet: 65cm
Get a burst resistant one

Box or Step

You can use a staircase for most of these movements

Dumb Bells or Kettle Bells

DB/KB #1 – light: You should be able to do 6-8 lateral shoulder raise with them (5 – 10 lbs.)
DB/KB #2 – moderate: You should feel comfortable pushing these over your head but tire at 15 reps (10-20 lbs.)
DB/KB #3 – heavy: You should tire at 15 reps for a goblet squat using 1 weight. (20 – 50 lbs.)

Cable Machine or Resistance Bands

Long Band #1 – Light: Yellow SPRI Exertube
Long Band #2 –  Moderate: Green SPRI Exertube
Long Band #3 – Heavy: Red SPRI Exertube
Long Band #4 – Xheavy: Blue SPRI Exertube

Mini Loop Bands: Light, Moderate, & Heavy

High Bar

This is only used in 2 workouts. You can also substitute a tree branch or monkey bar in the park.

Hex Bar and Weight Plates

This is only used in 3 workouts, however I highly recommend adding this to your home gym line up when you can.

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