ECFIT Athletes are getting STRONGER every day! Are you?


Adding a systematic approach to your strength training will provide the following health benefits, and so much more!

Enhance Posture

Almost every athlete I interview is interested in running faster with more “finishing strength”.  Postural excellence is paramount to breathing well and allowing for optimal running form!  The ability to hold yourself in a powerful posture during training and racing will equate to faster and more physical comfort when the going get tough!

Lower Body Strength

Building appropriate lower body strength is paramount to performance gains but how much is too much?  There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to building lower body strength.  How much you can deadlift is NOT directly correlated to how fast you can run or ride a bike.

Health & Hormone Benefits

It is well documented that both men and women will benefit from lifting weights to enhance health and longevity.  The hormonal benefits are especially interesting when it comes to both older and younger athletes.

Tune in to our live Zoom workouts and learn my coaching style and approach to lifting weights. You will enhance your posture, build lower body strength and find a level of health excellence that allows for exciting training and racing excellence.