Endurance Athlete Testimonials

Miranda Carfrae, 3x Ironman World Champion

Erin Carson’s strength training system is unlike anything I have ever done before. Doing these exercises twice a week allows my coach to push me even harder in swim, bike, and run disciplines. It is great for injury prevention and gives my body the balance that training for triathlons takes away from it.

Timothy O’Donnell, World Champion Triathlete

I wouldn’t trust my strength and conditioning to anyone other then Erin and ECFIT. Her passion and enthusiasm is matched by a desire to continually learn and bring us the best training plans. No matter if it is one on one in person training or remote training via the ECFIT app, Erin has me ready to win!

Flora Duffy – 4x XTerra World Champion, 2016 ITU World Champion

My work with ECFIT strength and conditioning over a period of two years helped my performance more than I could have expected! The gym work was one of the most valuable sessions of my week. Keeping on top of things in the gym helped me stay injury-free and race consistently at a high level. This enabled me to win my first ITU World Triathlon Series World Title in 2016. It would not have been possible without the help of ECFIT. Strength + mobility = speed!

Paula Findlay – 2012 Olympian, 2011 World #1

I’ve worked with Erin for many years and having a good strength program is a critical part of my training. I’m able to handle big training volumes because of the foundation we’ve built, prevent injuries, and feel strong, which translates into fast racing. I spend a lot of time on the road between training and racing, so having the ECFit app to take along and keep up with my strength routine through the different phases of the year has been a saviour.

Evie Stevens – Hour World Record Holder, 2012 & 2016 USA Olympian

Working with Erin helped me develop the strength and mobility that is necessary for racing and riding well on my bike. I am more stable, recover faster, and get injured less. After a long day of travel or race, I always throw in some mobility or “WD40” exercises to help me recover faster. The work I did with Erin in the fall/winter 2015/2016 was crucial in developing my overall strength and mobility, helping me maintain a very aggressive aero position and put out enough power to break the hour record!

Cameron Dye, 3x LifeTime Series Champion

The longer I race triathlons for a living the more I realize how crucial strength and mobility are to racing and training success. On top of that, a good strength program is in my opinion one of the best injury preventions. Working with someone like Erin who has the knowledge and experience to design an endurance specific program makes it all that much more effective.

Justin Metzler

ECFIT has changed my approach to strength training, mobility and gym work. She is a master at her craft and an integral part of my team. The work we do together has shown direct results on the course and I look forward to continuing our progress for many years to come.

Jeanni Seymour

Rally Sport has become my second home this year, not only is it a high performance training facility that attracts world class athletes, it is surrounded by good people. Erin Carson is one of the most passionate people I know and it is a privilege to have her on my team as I pursue excellence at the highest level in triathlon and the best version of myself.

Ellen Hart, Age Group World Champion

I’ve been a competitive athlete most of my life, but it wasn’t until age 55 that I added a crucial component to my training: functional strength. In my time working with Erin she’s helped me to an age-group 70.3 World Championship (2013), 3 silver medals at the London ITU World Championships (2013), and a division win at the 2014 Ironman World Championships. Erin’s strength training is a vital component to my training program, especially as I continue competing in the “mature” age groups!

Wondering what your success story will say?

Wondering what your success story will say?